Anti Anxiety Bracelets? Who Knew!

So, I just discovered that you can simply wear a bracelet and get help with your anxiety! Who Knew! I do love the concept, however I am skeptical. How can a bracelet help with anxiety? So I've done a little research. Apparently there are multiple kinds of these "Anti-anxiety" Bracelets. They range from stone therapy to electro-shock therapy, and per the reviews... They are actually helping people with anxiety, and other ailments ranging from depression to ptsd!    
So here is a little list of some of my Amazon finds when it comes to Anti-anxiety jewelry!

1. Lava rock and wood essential oil bracelet- This is supposed to work well for combating Anxiety! You can check it out here!         

2.  Shock Therapy Bracelet- This is supposed to help with bad thought, breaking bad habits etc, by helping to rewire the brain. Cool concept. You can check it out here!

3. Essential oil therapy necklace- Lots of people swear by essential oil therapy to help combat many ailments, including Anxiety & Depression. Check it out here!

That concludes today's segment. Have you tried any of these "Anti-anxiety" helpers? Let us know in the comments section. We want to hear your stories! Till next time my anxious friends!

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