Why Social Media Is Stressing Us Out And How To Control It


   'Social Media And The Millennial Generation'

As a 31 year old Woman living in a time of Social Media and the Internet, let me just tell you there is not much time to really be social. Here in lies the problem, we are forgetting to be Social and instead are trading it in for 'Social Media". This is a problem and it is causing a stressed out society. But why? What could possibly be stressful about it you may ask? Well, I will tell you! For one we are forgetting to make real human relationships, we have traded in face-to-face for 'Facetime', we have traded in Family Fun Time for #familyfun hashtags, I could go on and on......but most importantly, it's not just the social media, but the information overload on a constant basis that is the problem! Don't get me wrong the internet is great, I myself spend a great deal of time on it, but the problem is how do we re-learn to moderate our real lives vs. social media time?

 'Bad News Is The Only News'

You read it everyday, this person killed their child, we are on the brink of War, yada yada. Let me put this into perspective for you. Let me take you back to the 80s, a free time, the time of free-range parenting, the time where there was no such thing as social media. People were a lot happier in these times and mental illness did not run rampant like it does today. Why? because bad news wasn't in our face constantly. The news was an hour long show that came one 2xs a day and only showcased the biggest issues. Now you read about ALL the issues, from local to global, it is constantly in our faces. This spreads fear at an alarming rate. People are constantly worried their children will be kidnapped, or they could get shot and killed just going to their local theater. The truth of the matter is that the chances of it happening to you are slim, but because it's all we read about on a daily basis, it spawns a fear inside our very minds, that causes us to have a what if mind set! In fact according to reports, crime has actually gone down vs the crime rate of the 80s and 90s!

        'We Are Comparing Ourselves To Other's By Means Of Pictures & Posts'

You see it all the time. Those gorgeous vacay pics our friends are posting, or those very happy life posts. The thing about this is people are starting to compare their personal lives with those of the pictures and posts they see on social media. Thus kicks in depression, stress, and anxiety. We start to question ourselves "why isn't my life happy like that?' "I work my ass off and can't afford a nice vacation, how can they afford to do it all the time?" You can't do this. The thing about it is, people ONLY post the good stuff. They paint these pretty pictures of their lives and the truth is, it's not really like that! People have bad days, people have very private lives that they choose not to share with the world, and you comparing yourself to just a pretty picture is a false perspective that is only hurting you!

     'We Need To Stop'

Seriously, stop! There is no good coming out of it. Stop comparing, stop following the news (at least most of it) and take a break. We must learn how to put our phones down and get back to what is really important. Meeting with friends over brunch, pool days, dance the night away. What ever it is you choose to do, do it! If you are allowing yourself to get depressed over people's 'Pretty Pictures', then put your phone down get out and go make a life you are proud to have! Tired of hearing about bad news? Go out and do some good in the world. We must be the change we wish to see in this world, in our lives, in everything we do!

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