Woman's Fb Post Goes Viral, And The Reason Why Is Inspiring

Boynton Beach- An Inspirational story coming out of Florida today. A woman's fb post has gone viral and the reason why is beautiful! Amy Christine never imagined the surprise that was waiting for her when she got to work that day. Her co-worker handed her a letter, but what was inside the letter was something Amy was never expecting.
According to Amy's fb post, '5 years ago she had just got hired as a waitress at Miller's Ale House, she was filling out paperwork, then went home. Later that night she realized that her wallet had been stolen. Fast forward 5 year's later and Amy has received the surprise of a life time. An unexpected letter from a stranger. The letter reads like this.....

"Dear Amy,
About 5 1/2 years ago I did something very terrible to you. I stole your wallet out of your purse. I was a drug addict wanting to take money from whoever I could to get my next high, I didn't even know you. I pickpocketed and took it right out of your purse. I took the Best Buy card you had in it and whatever cash that was in it and threw the wallet in a trash can next to a store.

Not long after that I landed in a treatment facility and got sober. I've been sober for 4 years now and just recently found your Best Buy card in a bag of old stuff, I looked up your name and found where you worked. So here I am.

I cant imagine the frustration and despair I put you through not to mention all the time and effort looking for it and getting all new stuff. It is unforgiveable what I have done but I would like to pay you a small amount of money for it.

I will also never hurt someone in that way ever again and will continue to live an honest life.

I wish you nothing but happiness, prosperity and good health."

Amy responded by writing "Stranger, I'm glad you got yourself better and thank you so much! It put a tear in my eye".

If there is one thing to learn from this story, is that it's never to late to make amends to those whom we have hurt in the past.

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                                                                                                              Written By: Christina Pimentel

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