Parenting Anxiety: We All Have It & How You Can Cope!


"Being a parent is no easy feat, but when it turns into anxiety, parenting goes from hard to nearly impossible some days."

 We have all been there, our kids are screaming and crying, and all of a sudden we feel like we are going to lose our minds! Parenting anxiety is NO JOKE! Especially now a day, with the internets constant information over-load, it's even worse. Everything from vaccines, to what you should or shouldn't be feeding your kids causes even the most calm parents to become anxious. You also have your sancti-mommy friends constantly pushing their personal views on child-rearing, vaccines, etc.. down our damn throats! It's already hard to be a parent, and we don't need the added stress. So here are some ways to cope with that parental stress.

                                                            Ways To Cope:

  • Take it with a grain of salt- Sometimes people want to push their 'parenting agenda's' on us, and this is where you have to learn to take things with a grain of salt. Tell them Thanks, but No Thanks. You know what it is that you need to do when it comes to your kids, and don't need the added stress.
  • Me Time- You can't do EVERYTHING, and forgetting to take care of your self first is just going to make you that much more anxious. Think about it! If you are on an airplane they always direct you to put the oxygen mask on your self first in case of an emergency. Not your kids, but you! Because you cant protect your children, if you don't protect yourself first! Same thing applies to being a parent.
  • Sleep- Getting a good night's sleep is an essential part of being able to manage our daily lives. Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on not only our bodies, but our mental well-being. If you are struggling in that department make sure to tell someone and don't ever be afraid to ask for help. You would be surprised who would put everything down to come help you, even if its during the day just to get that much needed nap!
  • Talk to your doctor- If the anxiety is getting to be unmanageable, and you are struggling with doing your daily activities, please reach out to your doctor. They may be able to redirect you to the proper facilities to help you in that department. Never be afraid to seek help! There are countless facilities who devote themselves to these types of situations.
  • Tell your Partner- Hey, it takes 2 to tango right? Well, same goes for raising kids. If you need a break make sure you enlist the help of your partner and vice versa. We need to learn to help one another out.
  • Exercise- Hey, I hate it too, but it is essential. There are well known studies about Exercise and the benefits to your mental well being. Here is an excellent article about the benefits of Exercise and your mental health.
  • Vitamins- Sometimes when our bodies are lacking a certain vitamin or mineral it can really affect our over-all mental well being. Makes sense right? Here is a great explanation on Vitamin Deficiency and Mental Health.
There are many ways to cope with 'Parenting Anxiety', a quick google search will bring a plethora of information into your hands. Just remember to take care of yourself first, The car won't run if you don't fill it with gas. Take it one day or minute at a time, and always remember you are NOT alone. I am here and so are many other's who are dealing with the same thing.


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