5 Reasons Why Being A Parent In Todays Age Sucks!

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Let's face it, being a Parent Sucks! But not for the reasons you might be thinking. Parenting is hard, but you know what, it's not the kids, its US! What happened to us? We are so busy saying NO all the time that we have forgotten what it's like to say YES! Most of us grew up in a time where there were no worries. Kids would roam the neighborhoods on their bikes and at friends houses, and our parents wouldn't see us till dinner time (I miss those days). There was no social media, which means our parents were not constantly bombarded with ALL the bad things going on in the world, so people were more at ease; They were Free.
Today however we are far from the free-range parenting days. Instead we are Anxious and Uptight when it comes to our kids. So here is my list of why being a parent sucks!

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA- I said it once, and I will say it again. We live in the age of Instant Information, The good and the terrifying! According to the internet, the world is a horrible place, so naturally we are scared of setting our beautiful innocent children out into it. But is it really? Of course bad things can happen at anytime, but the chances of your child getting kidnapped or killed (although there) are small.
  2. HAVING TO SAY NO-  My dear sweet child, don't you know that I'm just trying to keep you safe? Uhhh No, they don't, which sucks because I wish I could say yes to certain things, but as adult's we have to make those tough decisions and be the "mean parents". I know, one day they will understand, but for now I'm stuck being the 'mean mom'!
  3. ROUTINE'S-  Children need routine's, heck its even good for them, but sometimes I wish I didn't care! You wanna stay up late and eat chocolate to your heart's content? Go ahead, have fun, I did it when I was a kid too! Sometimes we set such high standards for our kids to live up to, and we completely forget to let them just enjoy being a kid, cause it doesn't last very long!
  4. HOMEWORK- I feel like such a hypocrite when I sit there and argue with my kid about doing his homework. I wish I could tell him how much I hate it too! In fact when I was a kid, I never did my homework! (shhhh don't tell anybody). Don't these teachers know that we have to come home from working all day just to fight with them about homework, cook dinner, take care of the other kids, showers and bed? WTF and not to mention the kids have been at school all day too, who wants to come home and do more work? NO ONE!
  5. ANXIETY- One of the things about being a parent that I really hate is the never ending anxiety. Between all the things we have to do as parents, The constant worrying of these precious little people we have brought into the world, Its never ending! Also, don't get me started on the mom guilt!
So there you have it guys, my 5 reasons why it sucks to be a parent. I hope you like it! I would love to know what it is that makes it hard for you to be a parent? Leave me your answers in the comments section below and please like, share and Subscribe! Also if you loved this article than you will also love "Why I'm Done Parenting My Teenager"
Until Next Time!

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