20 Things I Won't Miss About My Children Being Small

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Motherhood, what a beautiful Pain in the neck it is. Now don't get me wrong, I adore my children, but there are somethings that I cannot stand, and Every time I tell that to an older mom I always get the same response, 'Oh, you will miss them being this little'. Of course, but there will be lot's of things I know I won't! Here are 20 things I WON'T miss!

  • Sleepless Nights-  Ha! I definitely won't miss those. (Not that any one in their right mind would) It's borderline unnatural to wake up a MILLION times a night just to make sure your precious child is still breathing or to feed them. UGH...
  • Crying-  I'm sure you knew this would be on this list!
  • Temper Tantrums- The famous temper tantrum. Give your kid the wrong shirt and the freak out that ensues is enough to drive the most sane of parent up the wall!
  • Diapers- These things are EXPENSIVE, and they are also nasty!
  • Potty Training- Between the accidents on the floor, and the midnight bed wetting, I will not miss Potty Training!
  • Bad Attitudes- Ahh The 'Terrible 2's' and the 'Horrible 3's" It's like Teenagers only smaller and cuter!
  • Early Mornings- Oh you went to bed late? Sorry, your kid doesn't care, and the later you go to sleep, the earlier they wake up!
  • Constant Laundry- IT IS CONSTANT!
  • Messy House- As you clean, they follow you around and destroy what you just did. Literally pointless!
  • Anxiety- The constant worrying of your sweet children can literally cause you to go mad!
  • Mom Guilt- The worst feeling EVER! Mom Guilt can destroy you!!
  • Sick Babies- This is the worst! Seeing your baby sick just gives you the most helpless feeling in the world! No matter how hard you try, you cant take it away.
  • Poop- Enough Said!
  • Packing My House Just To Go Out- Cause god forbid you forget their binky, or an extra pair of clothes, or snacks, or ........
  • Grocery Shopping- Ever try shopping with 4 whining kids? Yeah, don't do it! You will leave the store stressed, and missing half the things you went in for.
  • Growing Pains- The Physical and the Mental! Life will make them 'Grow' in one form or another!
  • Watching The Same Movies Over & Over- and over and over again.............
  • No Alone Time- Ha! Alone Time? What's that? Its foreign language to a mom and dad!
  • Friendship's Get Put On Hold- Please don't call me for the next 5 years. Sorry!
  • Letting Go- Saying goodbye to your baby on the first day of school or letting them go to their friends house for the first time is sad. You know they are growing up and pretty soon they won't need you anymore, not in the same way at least!

  • So all though there are things I won't miss, I can assure you that there is so much more that I will! That sweet baby smell, those sweet kisses and snuggles, I will miss that so much it hurts! What will you NOT miss about your child being small? Leave me your answer's in the comments. Remember to please Like, share and subscribe for more article's like this one!

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