Why Im Done Parenting My Teenager!

teenage angst
First off I want to start with an apology to my grandmother for my 'Teenage Angst' years! WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Now, I'm dealing with this very same thing, and I don't know how to deal! The crying, the arguing. Why cant they just understand that we've been there done that? All they want to do is rot in front of the x-box, and to be quite honest its giving me anxiety. I feel like they should be doing something productive with their lives. Maybe I'm overthinking it, or maybe not! All I know is that between the 'mom guilt' and the bad attitudes, this parenting thing is a mind f***!
So what are we supposed to do? Not a clue! I am however, going to stop reading all those parenting articles out there. That's to much mental pressure for someone to deal with. All they do is tell you how you're doing it ALL WRONG! Don't get me wrong, some of them have great tips, but I am done with the information overload. I am done giving myself so much stress over parenting. I will learn how to find the silver lining! They want to rot on the x-box all day? Fine, at least they are not out doing drugs, right?
Ha! If only it was that easy. Let's face it parenting is hard for everyone. We need to learn how to pick our battles when it comes to teenagers! If we cant teach them a lesson, then life sure will. Unfortunantley this is how it goes, I was the same way and need to remember it.  
We need to stop giving ourselves such a hard time over everything we do as parents, Especially with the pressure there is in todays society. So for today, I will walk away when my teen is acting like an a** and give them space, and remember that this will pass, and one day I will be hearing "MOM, YOU WERE RIGHT!" Till then I will try not to lose it!!

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