How to keep Panic Attacks under control!

We've all heard those 2 little annoying words when we are in the middle of freaking out! "Just Relax", As if it was that easy, but it's not. If it was, then you would never hear of people having panic attacks cause people would 'just relax'! So here is my Comprehensive list of 5 ways I keep my Panic Attacks under control

  1. NO CAFFEINE!  - If you are like me than caffeine is a big NO NO! Especially on very stressful days. If I drink caffeine while I am stressed it totally throws my anxiety into OVERDRIVE. I begin to feel my skin crawl, leg weakness and every other Anxiety induced symptom. If you are a coffee lover like me then this is totally sad, so at least a cup of non caffeinated coffee will do. :(
  2. DON"T MARINATE IN YOUR OWN S*** - Basically, don't sit there and think about your anxiety, this is a sure fire way to make it even worse. If you are anything like me as my anxiety gets worse and I sit there and think about it, when my symptoms hit I start googling and  just like that I'm dying and having a full blown panic attack. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! (lesson learned). Get up, clean, go walk, anything but hanging out in your head.
  3. BREATHE! - One thing I have learned to keep the hyperventilating in check is to focus on my breathing. Slow, deep breaths, hold in for 5 seconds and exhale.....Ahhhh wooooooosahhhhh! And repeat till you feel better.
  4. LISTEN TO MUSIC! - As they say ' Music is the universal language that speaks to everyone' and it really does. Music can reach the inner depths of your soul and make you feel good (except for death metal :/ ). Music has been Scientifically proven to be calming. So next time your feeling "out of it" crank up that boom box baby and dance like no one's watching!
  5. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!- Sometimes when our body is deficient in a certain mineral or vitamin it can actually cause you to feel more stressed. Makes sense, if our body is out of wack, then so is our mind and vice versa. So if you keep up with taking vitamins and supplements it will have a great impact on your over all physical health, which in turn helps your mental health also.
           So there you have it guys, these are definitely my go to when I'm having to focus (very hard) on keeping those damn panic attacks away! Let me know in the comments section one of the things you do when you are feeling a panic attack coming.

                                                                                                                Written by: Christina Pimentel

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