"How I keep my Kids from making me go CRAZY!"

Kids! The most Beautiful, Innocent, Loud little creatures on the face of this Planet! But let's face it sometimes they don't act so cute and can actually be little jerks. Of course we love our children but the way they act sometimes is enough to make you want to ram your head through a wall! If you are anything like me and have an Anxiety Disorder than you know your children can make your anxiety sky rocket like a NASA Shuttle blasting into outer space!! So with 4 children adding to my insanity I have to find ways to cope. Below is my list of things I do to regain control and not let them get the 'worst' of me!

  • Cleaning- I know sounds crazy right? But when I clean I'm not focusing on things I shouldn't be, and if I don't clean then my house will be a disaster and that does not sit well with my anxiety. So win win for me and my anxiety!
  • Music- The most beautiful escape of them all. The universal language that speaks to me and also drowns out my loud ass kids!
  • X-Box- No not for me, it's for the kids! It helps with hand eye coordination in case you didn't know and it also keeps them out of my hair :)
  • Pretending to take a poop- WARNING! This only helps for a few minutes! But it's enough to sneak in that piece of chocolate you had in the freezer without having to share!
  • Call Someone- I prefer to call my Grandmother because when it comes to children she's been there done that! Also I love to vent to my fellow Mommas. It takes a village!!
  • WINE- Put them to sleep and have a nice Drink, and play on your phone or take a hot bubble bath! Or sleep, whatever.........
As you can see it's not a very long list. That's because no matter what, They will find you and they will get you! Let me know in the comments section, What do you do to get that 5 min sanity break from your kids?
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                                                        Written By: Christina Pimentel

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