"Dealing with a Partner who has Anxiety"




                             Sometimes in life we are thrown things that we cannot understand.
It can come in the form of a partner who suffers with something that you cannot for the life of you grasp, so sometimes you say the wrong things. When it comes to understanding something you have never dealt with yourself, it can be pretty complicated! How can you help someone if you have no   clue what exactly it is they are feeling?

Let me explain, if you've ever been on a Roller coaster or jumped out of  an airplane than I'm sure you have felt powerful anxiety. Now imagine feeling that x's 10 and for no reason at all, literally you could be folding a load of laundry and become engulfed in that feeling and in some cases it becomes a feeling of sheer terror for no absolute reason at all! Its awful for both parties especially the one who has to live with it. So what can you do? Well, for starters DO SOME RESEARCH! Get to know exactly what it is that your partner is dealing with. The better prepared you are, the more sympathy you can show.

Next, learn when your partners anxiety is rearing its ugly head, so as to offer your immediate support. Remember sometimes a hug can go a looooong way! So can the right words. Whatever you do, don't ever tell your partner that they are crazy or to just relax! This has the opposite impact!
If it was as easy as relaxing well, no one would have anxiety.

Last but certainly not least, at least for today. Just remember the words "This too shall pass" and "This is only temporary"! Always try and keep your partner grounded, and in the moment, and gently remind them that they will be okay no matter what! What they are feeling at the moment of an Anxiety Attack is a false heightened perception! So good luck and God Bless!

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