"Anxiety and Drug Addiction" Part 1


  "Anxiety and Drug Addiction"

                       When it comes to Anxiety and Drug Addiction I can say I have battled both, In fact I still battle anxiety on a daily basis, but I can proudly say I have 5 years clean and sober of my drug addiction :) When it comes down to it, I believe from my experience that these 2 go hand in hand. Think about it, when we are anxious what do we seek? An instant relief, something to make this scary feeling go away INSTANTLY and I don't blame you!
                       Now a days with all the "Doctors" out there, looking for relief is not very hard! In fact Doctors are quick to write a prescription for narcotics and anti anxiety quick fixes, but the thing about it is, this is actually the worse thing you could do for your anxiety! Not only does this open the door for Narcotic Drug Dependency, but it does absolutely nothing to combat the underlying issues.

                           So what are we to do? Well, in my case after getting sober I was fine for a while until anxiety reared her ugly head. I mean I literally called 911 a few times thinking I was having a Heart Attack! I was CONSTANTLY terrified, and I didn't know why. After trying a few methods (ie. Smoking pot, quitting pot, quitting caffeine, seeing a doc and getting on Zanax) None of that worked for me, and the Zanax? Yeah it was great, it was like a nice band aid over an infection, covered it up but didn't help it! In fact it made it worse, it was just something else to get hooked on. I stopped taking it and was finally prescribed Zoloft (Non Narcotic Antidepressant) Mix that with therapy and a couple lifestyle changes and I had the world by the balls again! I felt great again, Normal! It was like seeing the world through new eyes, a new perspective!
Stay tuned for Part 2!

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