"My Life as a Stay at Home Mom with Severe Panic Disorder"

"My Life as a Stay at Home Mom with Severe Panic Disorder"

Sometimes I wonder "How the Hell am I going to survive today?"
Am I going to have a Panic attack? Maybe I should take the Kids and do something fun (anxiety Kicks in) You know what? Its just too much, I'm going to stay home! Here Comes the "Mom Guilt", My poor kids they want to go play (even though they aren't complaining). Or maybe I should clean the house?, ("But I clean ALL THE TIME)!! "Just relax" I tell myself. You see, I am the worst Kind of OVER THINKER there is.

The constant What-ifs and But's and Mom Guilt is enough to drive the strongest person over the edge. Add an Anxiety Disorder and you've got a 1 way ticket to Mind F&*% Hell! So you see, if you are reading this I hope you are thinking "I am NOT ALONE"!!! No you are not! In fact Anxiety Disorders affect about 40 Million Americans, a lot of those Stats are SAHM's! Think about it, Between the Breastfeeding, crying and dishes it's enough to drive anyone mad. How about those Husbands who come home and utter those famous words "What did you do all day?" Ummmmmm kept the kids alive and managed to only have a little Mental Breakdown!🙂 Also I'm currently trying not to strangle you for asking me such a DUMBA$$ question!
In all seriousness, I have learned one thing from this Debilitating Disease, it does NOT discriminate, it takes over your life on a day to day basis. I went from being this free spirit (maybe to free?) to being wound so damn tight I could completely lose control and unravel at any second. At least that's how it feels. So to the Moms all over the World who are struggling to keep it together, you are not alone, and this feeling shall pass!

With Love,
A fellow struggling Momma!

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